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Dr. Natasha + Neeyaz present the NEW KANARI Thryoid Club

EARLY BIRD Special: Join anytime during the month of July and lock in a $5/ monthly lifetime rate (Regularly $30/month).

✅ $5/month Thyroid Club EARLY BIRD SPECIAL

Interested in working with Dr. Natasha online or in-person?

Fill out her New Client Application and learn about her exclusive offers for:

✅ $5/month Thyroid Club
✅ 1-on-1 consultations
✅ Group coaching
✅ Private retreats

Have you ever been called TOO SENSITIVE??? More than I can count. Download my ebook for free! In it you’ll find:

✅ My Story of Being Too Sensitive
✅ 5 Things I Did to Heal from Depression, Anxiety, and Hashimoto’s Autoimmunity
Diet, Supplement and MindBody Medicine Tips

What kind of KANARI bird are you?! Ever wonder how your self-care and wellness compares to others!? Take this quiz to find out what kind of KANARI you are! ?